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I would like an option to be able to start #Thunderbird at system startup already minimized or a mode that sends notifications even if the program is closed (kind of like Windows Mail does

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I am coming from this thread and wanted such option too. Adding system a system service to keep it running in background which can be added to auto-start too.



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This information
In the meantime, you can try, if you like
Add an app to run automatically at startup in Windows
Add an app to run automatically at startup in Linux
Simple Startup Minimize

Installing an Add-on in Thunderbird
Enter the add-on's name Simple Startup Minimizer or enough of it to limit the search results returned to a manageable number and press Enter or click the magnifying glass icon
The page will open in Thunderbird

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I also would like a minimized auto-start option with windows or alternatively a background service to check for new mails in the real-time. A close to tray would also be nice to prevent accidental termination of the program, that way I could keep getting my mails. These two features, I believe, are the most demanded ones currently as many people are moving away from Windows Mail for obvious reasons. 

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I also would like to have a minimized auto-start option, a close to the tray, and a letter icon on the tray area, when new email arrives.

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I am having to use an addon to get thunderbird to open minimized on windows start. It works ok but it starts thunderbird maximized then minimizes it. I cannot understand why this very obviously useful function has not beeen intergrated into thunderbird years ago. Please build in.