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It is my understanding that the reason for no Add-Ons on Firefox for iphone is in part because of restrictions placed by Apple upon iphone apps. This can be seen in how Firefox is a fork of Safari. It is my belief that if we cannot have support for Firefox Add-Ons on IOS then compatibility with Safari Extensions would be welcome as well.
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Port extensions api:s for FF ios

I really think you should port apis required for extensions. I know an ios app that has already done this, it's called Orion browser and it's really cool! I think more people would start using FireFox if on of the big browsers on iOS where the only one to have good extension support. I love the FF browser but there's to much ads on web pages. Maybe you could cooperate with Orion browser to bring extensions to the iOS app? Thanks!

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A new browser called Orion on iOS, that supports chrome and Firefox extensions on your iPhone. When will Firefox have this ability to use extensions on iOS?

Making moves

I don´t think it is simply because of restrictions from Apples side considering how Orion Browser on iOS has both Chrome and Firefox extension support. But yes, I also would love to see a bit more development being put into iOS/iPadOS versions, especially extension support would be a game changer. Any kind of extension support really.

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i need extensions on ipad

hi bro. 

my priority browser is firefox. thanks for you.

firefox is great browser and will be more.

i must need extensions in firefox on iPad 12.9.

i want vim in extensions.

plz. added extensions or function to like to vim.

thanks you.

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Extension Support iOS

Would it be possible to be able to incorporate extensions within FireFox iOS?

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Some add-on support or true adblocking would be super great.

Love Firefox, but am considering switching to Brave on iOS, tracking protection doesn't catch all ads such as Youtube.

It seems that some extension support was build a while back

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Some level of “pre installed” extensions, like the most popular ones, could be built in firefox for iOS.