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Status: Delivered

Please, work with nVidia to add support for RTX Video Super Resolution in Firefox. Nearly 80% of internet bandwidth today is streaming video, and 90% of that content streams at 1080p or lower. Many of us use displays with resolutions higher than 1080p, and Firefox uses basic upscaling techniques, which result in final images that are soft or blurry. PC users also sit close to their screens, which makes the quality of upscaling even more noticeable, and is a good argument for a higher level of processing and refinement.

I prefer to use Firefox for everything I do, but I now feel torn because the difference is so noticeable, and I stream a great deal of video. Again, please, reach out to nVidia and work with them to implement support for RTX VSR. It really makes a difference, and would eliminate any inclination I might have to use a different browser for streaming video.

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Can we get it ASAP? Its such a amazing feature i feel left out with firefox not supporting it

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This feature is awesome. Please implement RTX VSR!


I extra registered here to support this topic.

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Hello? Where is RTX Video Super Resolution ?


What kind of voting or kudos ?! It's an absolute must !

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Please Add this feature. It is very helpful when you have 1440p monitor but you are watching for example HBO MAX or Twitch which does not have option for this resolution. 

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Have 1440p monitor too and the difference is huge when watching anime.

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Does this situation exist, for GTX cards, as well?

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I have to use Microsoft Edge until Firefox finally adds rtx super resolution support. You MUST add it, or something else comparable to it, otherwise Firefox will probably die in the age of streaming.

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We need RTX Video Super Resolution on firefox pls🙏




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Definitely necessary, prior to this I didn't need a backup browser but now I am using edge for some content.

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I'd think this has to be possible. Not saying that means it would be easy, I'm not a programmer IDK. But I'm guessing it must be possible since now VLC supports RTX VSR. So there must be some API or something that can be used to add support for the feature to different apps.

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I'm guessing there is nothing stopping them from adding it from a technical standpoint. VLC added it recently (currently in a special version, but it works). So there must be some API or something to let developers add it to their apps if they want. Esp since VLC isn't even a browser.

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Please, I don't want install Chrome

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Yes, please add this. We're forced to switch to chromium for videos.

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I've switched to using Brave in the meantime but this feature would be a welcome addition.




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As others have said, adding support for RTX VSR is a must. While the difference is subtle for 1080p content, it makes lower res video look so much better.