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Status: New idea

It would be really nice if the Firefox CSS had an official place in the add-on store, you would be able to install and manage CSS themes like with the regular ones. Right now, you have to enable the useChrome.css in the about:config and download the theme and more things...

Currently, there are 2 main sites for downloading the themes:

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Strollin' around

I like the idea and gave it a kudo, the only issue is this wont be the most user friendly. Due to Firefox UI updates a CSS theme could easily break and make navigating Firefox difficult or impossible which may make it hard to remove it until a fix for it is released by the theme developer. Enabling "toolkit.legacyUserProfileCustomizations.stylesheets" also reduces the performance of Firefox.

I think leaving it as a basic toggle is best as advanced users that want this customization can benefit by tweaking a hidden setting but people who aren't as tech savvy cant temporarily break their Firefox installation should a broken update to either the CSS theme, or an update to Firefox itself get rolled out.