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there are some websites that only work with chromium based browsers we ad chromium mode to trick the website into thinking we are using chromium

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I don't want to compromise on websites that ignore web standards.

Strollin' around

@AnonymousHow would it be compromising? Wouldn't the solution be, as ElyasR1234 stated, to 'trick' them?

The standards that chromium uses are open source, no?

Couldn't the code for that be used in an add on, settings mode, or whatever to make a 'chrome mode' while keeping to web standards?


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Afraid it’s not that simple, edge and other chromium browsers can “fake” being Google Chrome as they are based on the same engine. Some websites simply will not load with the gecko engine.

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I think it isn't bad to just change user-agent. However, only Mozilla products should be allowed to call themselves Mozilla in user-agent in the first place.

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Making moves

That sounds like a bit of a cop-out, however a Chrome(ium) mode would help me by not needing Chrome as a backup browser (although Edge can do the same thing).

The fact that chromium is open-source means perhaps it could be wrangled into Firefox as well.

That said, I do not support giving in to Big G!