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Making moves
Status: New idea

I had to stop using firefox because sometimes it is more convenient to have chatGPT more accessible in EDGE and I think that now that google has launched Bard, both browsers will have more users, it would be great if they could collaborate with Open IA and integrate chatGPT in firefox

Familiar face

It should be possible to have a local AI ( model ) being used by the different applications or browsers that the user chooses to use it with ( through addon or other means ), whenever he wants or otherwise, desires to switch off such integrations on a case by case basis .

New member

I agree - should be an "opt-in" or at least a clearly available, simple, one-click availability to "opt-out"

The more I read about what it does re searches, the less i trust any system that uses it ...

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey all,

We're currently experimenting with some AI services in Firefox Nightly, including a ChatGPT integration in the sidebar. It's entirely optional, so if you're interested check out the following thread to learn more and share feedback on the experiment:

Share your feedback on the AI services experiment in Nightly 

See ya there 😃