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Strollin' around
Status: New idea

DuckDuckGo for Mac is out in beta right now and has one really cool feature I like. As listed on their blog, it stops all the constant cookie consent pop-ups from appearing. This is due to the autoconsent extension code that has been built into their new browser. I know people could easily download one of the many cookie consent pop-up extensions available but I think this would be great if it was available out of the box.

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Automatic rejection would be better)

Strollin' around the days of dark patterns and externally managed consent boxes I think we have a good chance to prevent a lot of damage to the privacy of the user if we have an option to automate these click marathons with the users chosen consent level.

I see a lot of addons designed for this purpose and I think offering a similar feature in Firefox is absolutely worth it.

If course this needs to be flexible enough to be adjusted for changes outside a browser update

Some quick samples from the Addon search


Strollin' around

Absolutely yes to protect the user from dark patterns and nudging.

It is usually managed by third party services so it should be easy to make this work on many pages at once.

addons like these show that users need a solution for the overly complex consent boxes out there.

I imagine it like the service that blocks fingerprinting. Have the browser get the latest scriptlets and definitions from Mozilla every now and then to automatically check the boxes in a pre selected way according to the users wishes for that website or all of them.

Inspiration can be gotten from



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> ... it stops all the constant cookie consent pop-ups from appearing

The best we currently have is "I dont care about cookies" and "uBlock Origin".


Strollin' around

Hello everyone, thank you for all the kind words!


I completely agree on auto-reject, please don't let the name of the extension confuse you. From the readme:

"This is a library of rules for navigating through common consent popups on the web. These rules can be run in a Firefox webextension, or in a puppeteer orchestrated headless browser. Using these rules, opt-in and opt-out options can be selected automatically, without requiring user-input."


I see Consent-O-Matic listed a few times in the comments, I have been actively using it myself on Firefox since I discovered it. From reading a little of the Autoconsent github page it looks like they also pull rules from Consent-O-Matic which I think is cool. The reason why I  chose Consent-O-Matic is because it's an open project at a University. You can read about it here:

It's an open project by the Centre for Advanced Visualisation and Interaction (CAVI) at Aarhus Unive...

Making moves

Automatically rejecting all cookies would be good

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Yes this idea is good. Even if I didn't care about acceptance/rejection of those cookie settings, I surely care about annoying popups preventing me from using a website!