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Status: New idea

Currently the fastest option to auto close all tabs is after one day. I think there should be an option to close the entire browsing session as soon as i exit (close) the browser, just like there is an option for that for most chromium based mobile browsers.

Status changed to: New idea
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Community Manager

Thanks for submitting an idea to the Mozilla Connect community! Your idea is now open to votes (aka kudos) and comments.

Strollin' around

In addition to the author's request, consider closing tabs after night hours. For example, after 5 am, all tabs of the past day should be closed by firefox.

New member

That's exactly what I need! Managing tabs is annoying for me, especially on mobile devices. If it's difficult to do something when exit on Android, please add an option not to re-open the old tabs on startup.

New member

How did this end? We really need that option

New member

This was the straw, and I had to fully Uninstall Firefox from my cell phone today. Without my PC and phone connected, I am looking at fully replacing Firefox across all devices now. To think enough users would figure out the exact words needed to Vote for this issue is silly, let alone the Dozens of other feedback posts about this same issue. And so as I research a replacement, I choose this post to shake my fist at the sky and wonder Who On Earth Said "After One Day is Good Enough!". I had 6 of the exact same website open in Tabs on Mobile today, and 11 total Tabs. In my world, that there is simply Spam. I can solve this issue Without Firefox.

Making moves

I want this too. I usually have multiple tabs open and, when I close the app, it means that I'm not interested in all those tabs anymore. I don't want to see those tabs when I reopen Firefox. Please add an option to start Firefox with no tabs open.

New member

Edge still supports this functionality on Android.  I don't know why FireFox won't.  I've read from some users that FireFox doesn't know if the user swiped it away or if Android closed it to free up RAM so it defaults to not "losing" your tabs.  That's nice and all, but they should still offer the *option* to use the browser in a logical way.  When I close it, I don't want these tabs anymore.  It's annoying enough having them bounce back that it's driven me to use a different browser on Android than I do on desktop.

And I don't even like Edge, so if someone knows another Android browser that supports dumping your tabs when you exit, I'd love to know about it.