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Making moves
Status: New idea

i'd love if we could have a feature to open a bookmarks folder, and then have at the bottom of the folder in our bar an "add active tab" button that adds the currently open tab to that folder, it's something Vivaldi browser has that makes sorting about ten times easier because you just open the tab, open the bookmark folder you want it in, click add, done, no more need to click bookmark and then fiddle with a folder explorer style menu at the top right.

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Bookmark search plus 2

Making moves

@Agentvirtuelthat doesn't have the functionality i'm looking for. i looked through screenshots and it unfortunately doesn't do what my initial idea specifies. i'm talking an extra button at the bottom of bookmark folders when opening them from the bookmark bar that adds the currently open tab to said folder. it's a feature vivaldi has if you wanna check what i mean.

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This would be a massive improvement. I feel it's something I would use a lot more often than opening all bookmarked tabs in a folder at once.