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Status: Delivered

The number one things that is missing on the Android version of Firefox is a quick way to view and search your saved and synced passwords/credentials. On iOS and iPadOS this is already available in the general hamburger menu of the app where you can access settings, bookmarks, and the browsing history. Currently you need to go from the hamburger menu on Android to the settings page then "Logins and Passwords" and then "Saved Passwords". It's just too many steps. A shortcut to this page is very much needed so you can really use Firefox as a password manager on Android. Firefox Mobile

New member

Feature is now present in FF Nightly, thank you !

Would it possible to get a dedicated Android activity/broadcast intent in order to make a direct shortcut (from home screen or Tasker for instance) to the password page ?

With much love 😘


@SonicGoldCan you share more about why you're interested in another path to the password page on Android? Also, what do you mean by the Tasker? And are you interested in something like a tile on the New Tab page?

Strollin' around

Thanks to the amazing team at Mozilla 🤝
This feature has been implemented since June 3rd 2024
@JonYou might want to set this to "Delivered"

Status changed to: Delivered
Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey all,

Good news...this was delivered in Fx 127 🎉

See the latest Release Notes here.

Thanks again for your role in making this happen. And as always, we look forward to continuing to collaborate with you all here on Connect!