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Whether for good or bad, I'm a habitual multi-window/millions-of-tabs kind of a user and it gets difficult to manage and navigate through all of my minimized windows to find what I'm looking for at any given time. Generally speaking, I group tabs together according to projects or topics but I can't always figure out which window is which.

If you could add a feature where you could right-click on a window icon and give it a "nickname", then I could label a window as "Music" or "Video references" or whatever it may be and it would save me so much time opening and closing windows.

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Making moves

There are already some (imperfect) alternatives which may help:

FF's feature of typing "%[SPACE][search term]" in the address bar will find tabs containing the search term. E.g. "% mini" finds my tabs related to classic mini's. Mostly. A bit klunky but certainly quicker than manually popping-up 20-odd windows across three screens.

Kubuntu's (plasma's) feature of "Set Window Shortcut" allows any window (not just a FF one) to be popped-up using a user-selected key-combo. E.g. CTRL-SHIFT-M. But user-selected associations are lost at reboot (or even at a FF restart).

The FF "%[SPACE]..." feature could - perhaps - be extended so that any tab could be given a user-selected identity (e.g. "M") so that typing (say) "%%M" would find and raise that tab's window. A logical extension of such a feature would be that - at the moment when any tab is *given* its identity ("M" etc) - the tab is automatically moved to the window which contains all the other tabs with the same identity. (Or a new window if no other same-identity tabs yet exist.)