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I have up until the last few days had no issues with your wonderful service. But in the last day or so i had an error causing my phone to have to be wiped. This caused my backup files to become unreadable. In this mess i have lost my two factor backup and there for my Mozilla account. 

This is where I find your service lacking behind Google and Microsoft. I have a Microsoft and google account for various items and did not have this issue. They provided me with alternative options to confirm my ID and recover and reset my account options.

I feel that this is a major issue that should be addressed and an Org. As large as should have been able to foresee and fix or resolve.

Thank you for your time.

P.S. I will continue to use and recommend your service just without the two factor ath. I feel that you generally have a privacy focused user friendly service and it just needs a few touch ups.  


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