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Status: New idea

Hello, I often toggle my SOCKS5 proxy on and off by going to settings -> network -> proxy and adjusting it there manually. It would be super nice if we could have a button that we could drag onto the Toolbar via "Customize Toolbar" that toggles that setting on and off between "No Proxy" and "Manual proxy configuration" or whatever proxy setting was last used perhaps? Thank you for your consideration

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Community Manager

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New member

I agree, same function can be used for using proxy/VPN via proxy also...
I would prefer Mozilla to develop this instead of relying on 3rd party plugins...
A proxy on/off button and maybe with 5 presets of settings that the user can configure in the Proxy settings area of the settings menu


New member

I have the same issue, going all the way to the network settings every time I want to turn my SOCKS5 proxy on or off takes too much time.