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Making moves
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It would be helpful to have the option to be able to rename tabs. This could help to easily differentiate between tabs that have the same name by default, such as some email clients or messaging applications.

Strollin' around

There are several extensions on AMO ( that are found in a search for "rename tabs." Unfortunately, many of them have a latest version from 2022 or earlier and poor reviews with current Firefox versions in 2023. Today I am using Firefox 112.0.2.

The real problem here (the reason a user needs the ability to rename tabs) is how Firefox automatically names the tabs of different pages on the same website.

New member

Yeah, love this idea. I can already think of two use cases for me:

1) I have the same document open multiple times, to be able to look at different parts of it side-by-side. Would be great to label which one is showing which part of the content

2) When doing research, I'll have multiple tabs open to various articles, and it would be great to be able to just label the tab based not on the article name but on the content in it that I'm using it to reference.

New member

It would be very useful when opening multiple tabs from the same website. I would not have to open each one to find the one I actually want.

Making moves

Oh yes! This would be very helpful

New member

Hovering over the tabs gives the full tab name, but it would be simpler to rename the tabs.