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Status: New idea

I use several firefox browsers at once.   I use them on different home computers and laptops.   I can do this as firefox has been leaner than most if no all other browsers I have used over the decades.    I also often create new firefox profiles to create specific extensions and menus environments. I also have dozens of login accounts.   I chose to use lastpass as my tool for password security and my sanity.   2nd factor login with lastpass authenticator ap is clean and ergonomic.     So I never save several classes of passwords in firefox.   By having lastpass extension I open my lastpass vault and can access all my complex passwords and when I quit firefox all are gone.    I obviously do not want firefox to save my passwords and form filled data filled by 2nd factor secured lastpass.

It would be nice if there was a setting for "Save no passwords" and a button for "save this password."