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Strollin' around
Status: New idea

In Firefox, I find myself duplicating tabs for various reasons, but it's only possible with the mouse. I like controlling Firefox functions with the keyboard, as it's more convenient for controlling from a remote keyboard than a mouse sometimes (Maybe I'm just weird). I would appreciate a keyboard shortcut for duplicating the current tab, staying on the first tab if possible ("When you open a link, image or media in a new tab, switch to it immediately" is unchecked, but it still switches to the new duplicate).

Status changed to: New idea
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Making moves

Slightly off topic but has anyone else noticed a recent problem (V.106.0.1) getting a duplicate tab to open if there a a lot of tabs open and the tabs section is the window is pretty much full?

It seems this may be something to do with the tab scrolling feature now implimented. When things are full I find 'ctrl' & dragging an open tab to the far edge won't work and I need to either drag it elsewhere (and move if afterwards) or open a new blank tab and drag to just before (to the left of) that.

New member

I use duplicate tab all the time and it would be really great if there was a built in hotkey to do it quickly! Also I don't want to rely on an extension to do something this simple.



New member

I used Saka Key extension just for that functionality, but it is no longer maintained and started breaking a few important sites, so I had to disable it.

Now I don't have a keyboard only way to duplicate the current tab again 😭.

New member

The worse thing is that the hotkey I feel natural for this (e.g. Ctrl+D) is bound to something else now which I never use.