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Making moves
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  • GNOME is the most popular Desktop Environment for Linux.
  • GTK4 is the toolkit used by GNOME to create graphical applications and widgets.
  • Libwaita is a GTK4 library that helps developers create responsive and mobile friendly applications.

Firefox with a GTK4 Theme among other apps.Firefox with a GTK4 Theme among other apps.


Right now, you can install Firefox and load a CSS theme to make it look like a native GNOME App.

While it looks really nice, it would be nicer to have a native GTK4 Firefox Browser with responsive design because there's also a GNOME-based phone environment called PHOSH.


I propose a new browser called: Firefox-GTK. A collaborative project between Mozilla and the GNOME Foundation. It would be the same Firefox we love and enjoy, but tailored for the GNOME Desktop. If Firefox and GNOME Web had a baby, it would be Firefox-GTK.


  •  A more aesthetic Firefox Browser for GNOME users (GNOME is the default DE for Fedora, Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS, RHEL, EndlessOS, SUSE, among others).
  • Firefox will take full advantage of GTK4 with a fully responsive application that could adapt to any screen, with better touchscreen and touchpad gestures.
  • Better Integration with the desktop and other GTK4 Applications, and other GNOME APIs


I am 100% positive that GNOME will become a real contender against Apple and Google in the mobile space. When Mozilla released Firefox OS, the timing wasn't right. But now we have powerful PWAs, and Mozilla doesn't have to reinvent the wheel. We already have a plethora of Linux Operating Systems that work on phones (mostly the PinePhone), We have a Graphical Environment for phones called PHOSH, We have Powerfull PWAs, and many native GNOME Apps. All we need is a powerful web browser to create the perfect privacy-focused ecosystem.


A preview of what PHOSH is capable of right now.

Note: There's already a request on Bugzilla about porting Firefox to GTK. Report # 1701123. Furthermore, This topic is also mainstream on Reddit.

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Even if we use Firefox, we are not safe if it is running on dodgy OSes. Firefox needs to make a decision to focus on trusted OSes.

Making moves

@AnonymousWhat do you mean by Dodgy OSes? Fedora is the Bleeding Edge of Linux, RHEL, powers most banks, Ubuntu, is the backbone of the Web and it's even used at the International Space Station.

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@LatinCanuck My words were not enough. Dodgy OS means big tech stuff.

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@AnonymousMozilla should make a decision based on the amount of users. @LatinCanuck 's arguments are pretty solid

Status changed to: Trending idea
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Community Manager

Hey all,

Here with an exciting update…

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Yeah, Firefox would look very native like all other GNOME apps (And It should). The recent implementation of Libwaita with GTK applications are look very polish and modern 👌. So, Firefox would look gorgeous if Libwaita gets implemented on Firefox.

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Pretty please with sugar on the top

Making moves

Thank you for the upgrade @Jon. It means a lot for me 🙂 Mozilla's success means success for the entire FOSS Community.

Strollin' around

This sounds incredible. Libadwaita apps look modern, clean, and consistent with the rest of the Gnome 42+ ecosystem. I think this would be a fantastic effort. You could also distribute Firefox-GTK as a Flatpak, so it will work on any distro.