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Heya hi Mozilla/Firefox wuzzup, yea if yall could create an add-on extension to separate and/or a divider for either pinned or un-pinned tabs...mainly for pinned. I was actually surprised there wasn't an add-on extension for this issue. I even searched and looked around and got nada. It'd just be a neat convenience to have but shouldn't be hard to create, implement or incorporate. Ayte then thnx n yall hava nice day now 🙂👍🤘🇺🇸

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That's what I was thinking to : the possibility to set a separator between tow tabs, in order to delimit groups of tabs.

Use case : you're browsing the web, you often opens pages in new tabs. This looks like a group of tabs about a topic. At the same time you have a request from someone so you open a new tab to make your search. During this last search you open other tabs from the search one : so you have a new (virtual) group of tabs. And so on. So when you have lots of tabs, "grouped" (virtually) by different topics, a separator could be useful to quickly see where are tabs.

It is often more useful to have all tabs, ordered, in only one window instead of switching between multiple windows.

I think a simple bold colored vertical bar could do the trick (maybe like the vertical bar which appears when you move a tab from another window ?).