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To Mozilla firefox

As more and more people rely on 64 bit and we have seen spike in 64 bit applications, can you please make sure your Firefox browser is 64 bit only application? As soon as Fall 2025? 

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Making moves

Good Idea 

Strollin' around

Why  make it 64bit  ONLY? And why by that deadline? I really don't understand either of those -- I'd probably support the idea and the timing if I understood....

Making moves

So how would that help those of us still using 32 bit x86 machines for browsing? In my case under Linux. Vivaldi dropped 32 bit builds a while ago leaving Chrome, FF and SeaMonkey as the remaining fully featured browsers for these flavours of Linux.

Firefox is still available for both 32 and 64 bit ARM Linux, why remove the 32 bit builds for other architectures?