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Keep Firefox alive on win7

Making moves

Why is the support for windows 7 not continued? There are many of us who do not want to switch to other systems. Why don't you offer support for a fee? I and others would be happy to pay an annual fee for firefox support on windows 7. So?




Do you know
Firefox users on Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 moving to Extended Support Release

Otherwise, do you know
According to
Windows: Windows 10 or later - Windows 7 and Windows 8* are desupported
Mac: macOS 10.15 or later - macOS 10.14 is desupported
System Requirements 116.0 bêta

Firefox Release Calendar
Thunderbird release cycle Extended Support Releases (ESR) for organizations
Thunderbird releases are maintained for more than a year with point releases that coincide with the rapid releases of the Mozilla platform

For my part, illustration with Windows7, I installed Linux, Firefox  and Thunderbird , it's ok, as for my Linux discovery, at first glance, installation and use are cool


Firefox release notes
Thunderbird Release Notes

Firefox 121.0 and Thunderbird 115.6.020dec2023linuxfirefoxthunderbird.png

Bookmarks in Firefox
In my screenshots, you can't see the star in the address bar
This is normal, and for this reason I use a userChrome.css code
#star-button-box {display:none!important;}

The Internet’s Invisible Carbon Footprint
Consider the environmental impact of device production and disposal. Recycle electronic devices through certified e-waste programs or donate/sell functioning devices you’re done with instead of trashing them

Installing Linux is another option before donate

Install Firefox on Linux
System Firefox installation (for advanced users) that's my installation.
Installing Thunderbird on Linux
System Thunderbird installation (for advanced users) that's my installation.