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Dear [Browser Developer Team],

As a dedicated user of your browser, I am writing to express my strong support for the addition of a second sidebar. This feature would greatly improve my overall browsing experience and provide me with more flexibility and convenience.

Having the ability to open multiple sources of information simultaneously in a second sidebar would allow me to easily compare data, reference material, and switch between tasks with ease. This would save me time and increase my productivity, as I would no longer have to constantly switch between tabs.

Furthermore, the addition of a second sidebar would also benefit the add-ons I use on a daily basis. With the ability to utilize the second sidebar, add-ons would be able to provide me with even more tools and resources, such as translation tools, news feeds, and social media widgets, in a convenient and streamlined manner.

I believe that the addition of a second sidebar would be a valuable addition to your browser and would greatly enhance the user experience. I urge you to consider implementing this feature in future updates.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

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Sidebars have become more useful with the widespread use of wide monitors. I agree with your idea.

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Yes!     I wish I could have my password manager and Tree Style Tabs on two sidebars at the same time.

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Yeah, or having an auto updating newfeed on the right side would be nice too.

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I'd definitely use this feature for combining the Simple Tab Groups add-on on the sidebar with the Tree Style Tabs, also on the sidebar.

The support for this could even evolve to a Custom Layout, similar to how the Toolbar can be customized. The custom layout could be managed through some controls resembling the window managers of the operating systems. There could be any amount of containers like the current sidebars, sized as the user would like. The custom layout could even have multiple web views, which solves the problem of two pages side-by-side. If technically feasible of course.

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Yes please, in exactly your boat.

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Created this account just to chime in on this. Been thinking about it for months.

I use the sidebar for both bookmarks and tab stashing and would like to keep both open for fast access. Switching is much too tedious.

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1. Minimal solution: 2 sidebars, one left and one right

2. Better solution: 2 sidebars, either side (separate) or same side (split top/bottom or stacked/collapsible).

3. Best solution: N sidebars, either side (separate) or together (split top/bottom or stacked/collapsible). Example: JetBrains IDE panels (except that top/bottom locations are not necessary).

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Dual sidebars, on left and right would be great. Then I could keep TreeStyleTab open on the right while having notes, bookmarks, or something else on the left. There's a bunch of wasted space on the sides of most websites. I could make Firefox a smaller window, but then there's a sliver of unused monitor that isn't wide enough for any of the applications I regularly use.
Wide-screen monitors have achieved general adoption, the old 4/3 screens practically have not been sold in at least six years, so I don't know why we're not using that space effectively yet.
Below is an image of the wasted space I'm dealing with

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I have an idea to improve the Firefox user experience. You can add an optional sidebar in Firefox browser that display interesting videos and important news. You can show advertisement and learn contents in this sidebar. It is very useful for Firefox can earn profits from this feature. I hope you understand my idea. Thanks from one eye