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Status: New idea

At the the moment we have >> to pick up more bookmarks but a 2nd or even 3rd row which can be toggled would be great. As I abbreviate as much as possible, I am able to get 13 entries on the line but a 2nd line with maybe another colour would be great. to toggle on and off or remain as another thinner line until tapped. It could jump to the top.

You Guy's have done and are doing a great job all the time.

You are all appreciated.

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I love to use a bookmark and make it be shown in top side of the window. But it was programmed only in one row so I want Firefox to change this which is able to two rows or else two more rows.

Sorry for bad grammar.

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I would LOVE to see additional bookmark rows that the user can add at their discretion. This should not be difficult to do. This would be a great feature for Firefox, and would place them ahead of any competition, albeit a small addition, it could have big consequences. Please Firefox, do this!

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Multiple Bookmark Rows

I've been using the multi-row bookmark css for years and can't live without it, but several times a year an update breaks it and since I don't know how to write the code i have to wait for someone to do it. Can you incorporate this directly into the program, perhaps giving the option for the maximum number of rows (I have 5 personally), although just automatically based on the number of toolbar bookmarks makes more sense as it lets the user determine how much screen real estate to give up.


Thank, love Firefox!

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Make the Bookmarks Toolbar expandable (Multiple rows instead of it being locked to 1 row)

Basically I need more space for bookmarks, I have a really big monitor and it would be extremely helpful to have a Bookmarks Toolbar of 2 rows or more but there is no such plugin or feature built-in to firefox. Thank you for your consideration.

- A loyal firefox user

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Community Manager

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Making moves

I wish to Add Bookmarks toolbar, and the new Bookmarks toolbar can be scrolled with the scroll wheel of the mouse.This way This would be more efficient than using folders to find Bookmark in some cases.01.jpg

In addition, when there is nothing in the Bookmarks toolbar, the Bookmarks toolbar will be deleted automatically. If users want to delete the Bookmarks toolbar manually, it is better to display a "Want to delete this Bookmarks toolbar?" pop-up to prevent accidental touch.

After writing it, I realized that the drawing is not very good. The arrow at the top right indicating the scrolling Bookmarks toolbar should be drawn longer and extended to the bottom of the deleted section.