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在新版本下使用搜索功能后,所有话题邮件会自动展开,很影响整体观感,如果需要折叠话题的话,要去菜单栏点击 查看-话题,才会有话题折叠与否的选项,非常不方便,希望能够在主界面添加或者能够直达的位置(像阅读读状态、主题、那一小横栏)添加一个话题折叠状态的小按钮来方便使用,望采纳,辛苦了。

After using the search function in the new version, all topic emails will be automatically expanded, which greatly affects the overall look and feel. If you need to collapse a topic, you have to go to the menu bar and click View - Topics, and then there will be an option to collapse the topic or not, which is very inconvenient. I hope that a small button for the topic folded state can be added to the main interface or can be directly accessed (such as the reading status, topic, and the small horizontal column) to facilitate use. I hope it will be adopted. Thank you for your hard work.

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