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YouTube has been lagging

Making moves

It is the browser?


Making moves


It seems to be.  YouTube freezes and stops responding to key board or mouse commands.  CPU use goes up to 98% and Process Explorer shows Firefox has 18(!) processes running.  Something in the last day or two of Firefox updates I think.  If it continues, well goodby Mozilla.



Making moves

Youtube has been almost unusable on FF for at least five months now.  The lag gets worse the longer you are on the site.  Its like there is a ever-increasing delay for all input and most output.  Closing Youtube's tab and reopening the site will sometimes fix it for a while, but usually you'll need to restart Firefox.

Making moves

same problem here, big stuttering on videos, lag on 1440p and 4k, only on Firefox with network activity = 0

tested on Chrome and Edge and works fine

Hello ?

Configuration Editor for Firefox ?
Search network.http.http3.enable

Other, try, embed yourvideo

Making moves

My circumstance on laptop, windows 10, FF 127 on YouTube videos; takes seconds/minutes to start, freezes during playback, play/pause button does toggle but circle still moves. And the ads go black or gray square until 'skip' appears.

In FF 126, still had hangs/lags but not as bad/unusable as FF 127. When I use "browser tools""web dev tools"/console and network I see all sorts of errors of declarations "dropped" and worse I'd guess the fine volunteer folks solely work on Windows 11. Could be related to 'ad blocker' internal (I have no add-ons).

More I could give, but not enough to submit it as an official bug. Like others, I loaded "edge" browser to watch the videos. Oh give me back FF 125.

Separately, When I open FF, there is so much disk activity, and IMO there should not be. One minute full?