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Making moves

I've used firefox since 2006, and that is my favorite and THE only one browser for life and work. And i've always used google search engine, never yandex. But I don't understand why you removed this option. Did yandex do something wrong? You declare your browser, your company as 'independent'. So be like that. Please answer me about what you plan to do: return unfairly removed yandex search or remain a hypocrite.Thank you!


Making moves

Не хвилюйся, вони навіть тут лоханулись. Взагалі не розумію причому тут русофобія. Триматимемося разом, тепер уже точно зрозуміло де ворожина.

Don't worry, they even screwed up here.
In general, I don’t understand where Russophobia has to do with it. We will stick together, now it is certainly clear where the enemy is.

Making moves

I'm feeling like this:

"Hello there, in the newest release we *removed* some features for your convenience."

What the... ?!

Making moves

Its to limit your freedom of choice (democracy is a fallacy)