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Windows Border Interferes with Tabs

Making moves

I've adjusted the Windows border via

Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop\WindowMetrics\BorderWidth

I prefer to set the window border a bit larger than default to make resizing windows easier on a high-resolution screen. It doesn't change the appearance of the border, but changes the width of a virtual border than can be used for resizing. It works, but causes a problem in FireFox.  It seems as though the top virtual border extends down into the browser tabs. If BorderWidth is set large enough, the tabs become completely inaccessible as tabs. Other apps do not exhibit this behavior.



As a temporary workaround, you could enable the Title bar (there's a checkbox for this in the Customize panel) to push the tabs down a row.

Is this a recent problem after a Firefox update, or has it been this way for a long time? (I didn't see any bugs in the bug tracking system, but I might have missed it.)