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useing mozilla with dissabilitys

Making moves

as someone with adhd and dyslexia and a light form of autism, things didn’t go smoothly at school or at home, but then the computer came and the structure of the software helped me a lot and allowed me to participate. and about 17 years ago i started using Firefox and Mozilla. it even helped me go to university. These  ware the good times. but for the last 10 years or more it all went downhill. for some reason things are changing icons that were pretty useful and easy to recognize . no matter what program u used if you wanted to begin just click new! new game, new document, new mail new excel sheet and so on all the same easy for everyone pretty intuitive. but now i often can’t find it. the email program got so much functions (that i am never going to use it) all muddies the water. even simple things i used to do myself i now need help for i can’t do them myself anymore. every few weeks i get an update, and it makes my stomach turn what did they change now, will i be able to send an email after this update. you helped me in the beginning to function as a normal being. now we live in an time no one can live without computer or internet its obligated, and the regular changes in your software are the reason i cant function by myself anymore. it’s  sad but by the choices Mozilla made my life has changed. And all the other  brands  did the same. Mozilla stood out as a simple program that made me do what I needed without feeling disabled now it’s the same ass all others. It makes me feel unwanted and ignored. But what makes me sad sometimes is you forced me to, I had have no choice for the update, in previous versions I could quiet the notifications but now I have to update. I can’t choose for only security updates. I have to take all the changes that come with it. I might be rambling but it’s really important for me and how I can manage in society.

I know you have people being proud of what they make I think it’s very skilled to make what u make. And I recognize it.

But for me it doesn’t matter if it’s pretty, it has to be functional. A button has a border otherwise it just a picture like all the other pictures on the site and with all the emoticons, I have to hover over all of them to search for something I can click on. Like I said it all muddies the water. While everything already takes more time.

and I know I’m not alone in this. Just know that every time you proudly push changes there and when you are celebrating the  next new thing,  are people over the whole world who are dependent on your software but aren’t able to be to be independent after all the changes you made and are making. Just don’t expect us to be celebrating. Just realizing our world is even further away from being just ok

It would be great to have an email program that is basically Firefox like 15 to 17 years ago(you know the gray one with the buttons that actually are recognizable as buttons) not  fancy not Swiss army knife(the knife that’s mad to do everything but managing nothing but looks nice) boring not pretty just writing and reading emails, just  usable and doing that what it is meant to do helping me and others with an disability survive in this already chaotic world by just writing a simple email.

(and bth windows 10 is the furthest away from being intuitive and useble. the more you go that way the more we need help navigating the world)

greetings and thanks for well at least trying to understand.

Dirk from the netherlands



Making moves

i didnt think it couldnt get any worse tadaa version 115.3.3

tabs don’t work

the layout terrible: I can’t find the functions I used the functions I never want to use are every ware

but on the positive note the "new message" button is back

but it doesn’t save thunderbird by a long shot.

I’m switching to Pegasus mail.

a program that still looks like windows xp. with the small thumbnail buttons of envelops with incoming or outgoing mail

it’s a program that doesn’t change its layout multiple times a year.

free download at join me

and for the people of Mozilla thank you for making my life difficult every time you change the layout and hide more and more functions

 I tried to explain my view as a person with disabilities but in 5 months not even 1 reaction (Mozilla doesn`t seem to support people with disabilities)