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Why So Many?

Making moves

Why are there so many instances of FF running and ALL at the same time, and at least half of them taking up memory / RAM.

Chrome and Edge don't do this, so why does FF.

It kind of like makes it look like sloppy programming.

See attached picture.


Making moves

Anyone ?

Making moves

Having multiple instances of Firefox running simultaneously can be caused by extensions, session restore settings, hardware acceleration, malware, or other factors. To address this issue, try disabling extensions, adjusting session restore settings, disabling hardware acceleration, running a malware scan, updating Firefox, and checking for interference from external applications. If the problem persists, consider creating a new Firefox profile or seeking assistance from the Firefox support community.

Making moves

Multiple instances of Firefox running simultaneously might occur due to its multi-process architecture, designed for stability. Each process manages different tasks, contributing to memory efficiency and preventing a single crash from affecting the entire browser. While it may appear as high memory usage, this approach enhances performance and isolates issues.

Making moves

I think you are right bro I have same condition similar to this.


Familiar face


Other information

Several processes, running, it's normal, it's Electrolysis, e10s

About Firefox multiprocess
Sorry, the page /fr/docs/Mozilla/Firefox/Multiprocessus_Firefox could not be found
With the help of
Here's an archived page

Enter in Firefox address bar about:telemetry#search=e10s

e10sEnabled true
e10sMultiProcesses 8

e10sMultiProcesses, is, level about:config
dom.ipc.processCount (default) is 8

Previously, depending on Firefox version illustration Firefox's performance setting
Content process limit

Firefox's performance settings

It is possible via a "manipulation" of e10sEnabled false, but it's useless


set MOZ_FORCE_DISABLE_E10S=119.0.1
"C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe"

Copy the above code (example) into Notepad
Type : All files

Then to start Firefox

Click on your illustration.bat file


e10sEnabled false

For your information
If you try e10sEnabled false, then, see also the about:logins side effect
But this is nothing new

Other information about:memory
Click on the "Measure..." button