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Why So Many?

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Why are there so many instances of FF running and ALL at the same time, and at least half of them taking up memory / RAM.

Chrome and Edge don't do this, so why does FF.

It kind of like makes it look like sloppy programming.

See attached picture.


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Anyone ?

Absolutely, you've provided a concise and accurate explanation. Multiple instances of Firefox running concurrently is a result of its multi-process architecture, aimed at enhancing stability and performance. Each process manages distinct tasks, promoting memory efficiency and preventing a single crash from impacting the entire browser. While this might seem like high memory usage, it's a deliberate design choice to isolate issues and improve overall user experience.

Do you actually hear yourself? "promoting memory efficiency" and then you immediately contradict yourself.  "While this might seem like high memory usage".  If it is high memory usage, it is NOT memory efficiency.  You people sound more like propagandists or company spokesmen which I guess is the same thing.

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Multiple instances of Firefox running simultaneously might occur due to its multi-process architecture, designed for stability. Each process manages different tasks, contributing to memory efficiency and preventing a single crash from affecting the entire browser. While it may appear as high memory usage, this approach enhances performance and isolates issues.

It made my PC (Intel Core i5-4570 CPU @ 3.20GHz) "Memory" and "Power" usage in the red VERY HIGH with only one web page open! I had to manually clear the history and cache every minute or I would need Task Manager to "End Task" the Firefox browser to get my PC to respond to any input. I am running "Bitdefender" so pretty sure I have no virus or malware issues. I was using EDGE browser Firefox was so slow and bogging down so much it was useless.  BUT, now I have UNCHECKED the "recommended" performance settings and have the "Use hardware acceleration when available" CHECKED and resource "Power" usage is now showing "Low", though the "Memory" is still a bit high. I have only this webpage open and Task Manager shows Firefox with 12 processes running - for one page? Anyway, that's my story.

"this approach enhances performance and isolates issues."

Nope, it can be a real performance drag.  The very thought that running multiple (up to a dozen) processes is somehow going to increase performance staggers the imagination. 

Running multiple instances of Firefox simultaneously is a result of its multi-process architecture, which is intentional for stability. Each process handles distinct tasks, promoting memory efficiency and safeguarding against a single crash impacting the entire browser. Although it might seem like elevated memory usage, this design improves bellevue web designer and development overall performance and isolates potential issues for a more robust browsing experience.

Absolutely, your explanation is spot on! Multiple instances of Firefox running simultaneously are indeed a result of its multi-process architecture. This architecture is designed to enhance stability and performance by isolating tasks into separate processes. Each process manages different functions such as rendering web Kuwait Civil ID Check pages, handling user interface elements, managing extensions, etc. This not only improves memory efficiency but also prevents a single process or tab from crashing the entire browser. While it may seem like high memory usage, this approach is essential for providing a smoother and more stable browsing experience.

You do realize that you contradictory yourself in the same paragraph.  "This not only improves memory efficiency"  "While it may seem like high memory usage"  The two sentences are not compatible.  High memory usage is NOT memory efficiency.

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I think you are right bro I have same condition similar to this.




Other information

Several processes, running, it's normal, it's Electrolysis, e10s

About Firefox multiprocess
Sorry, the page /fr/docs/Mozilla/Firefox/Multiprocessus_Firefox could not be found
With the help of
Here's an archived page

Enter in Firefox address bar about:telemetry#search=e10s

e10sEnabled true
e10sMultiProcesses 8

e10sMultiProcesses, is, level about:config
dom.ipc.processCount (default) is 8

Previously, depending on Firefox version illustration Firefox's performance setting
Content process limit

Firefox's performance settings

It is possible via a "manipulation" of e10sEnabled false, but it's useless


set MOZ_FORCE_DISABLE_E10S=119.0.1
"C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe"

Copy the above code (example) into Notepad
Type : All files

Then to start Firefox

Click on your illustration.bat file


e10sEnabled false

For your information
If you try e10sEnabled false, then, see also the about:logins side effect
But this is nothing new

Other information about:memory
Click on the "Measure..." button

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This is largely due to the lack of sleep tabs, Edge is a god of performance compared to Fire

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Firefox's multi-process architecture is crafted with a focus on stability, resulting in the simultaneous operation of multiple instances. Each process is dedicated to specific tasks, fostering memory efficiency and shielding the browser from potential crashes. While this approach may appear to elevate memory usage, its primary goal is to enhance overall performance and isolate issues, ensuring a more robust and responsive browsing experience. This strategic design contributes to Firefox's resilience and ability to handle challenges without compromising the user experience.

My user experienced was HIGHLY compromised! (I had to use EDGE) Firefox browser slowed to a stop after 5 or 6 web pages. Manually cleared history and cookies, still had to go to Task Manager to "END TASK" to get PC and Firefox to respond/reload web page. Web sites visited: Ask Woody, ArsTechnica, Spaceweather, Science News, Sky & Telescope, Bleeping Computers, NOAA...   I UNCHECKED the PERFORMANCE "recommended settings" and CHECKED "Use hardware accelceration when available" - "Memory" usage is still moderate, "Power" is usage is now low. Still have 12 Firefox processes running for one open web page?


Please, right-click in the screenshot, open screenshot in new tab, then click in the screenshot, thank you

Close tabs that use too many system resources
Task Manager - see whether tabs or extensions are slowing down Firefox ? can be useful to you

Additional information
If you would like to study Firefox Profiler

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Well, I disabled everything and closed all and any other applications, cleared cache etc and started FF fresh, I opened up one single web page in google and just look at the attached screenshot. If you have 27 instances running with only a single web page open, then I fear there is something drastically wrong with FF.


And whilst we are all talking about the performance issues of FF, try having a read of this, because I feel it's kind of similar in regard to both performance and system hogging for a single web page, and note that I did the very same thing with Chrome, and it was worlds apart in both Speed and System resources.




A working environment (user StevieB) in a given situation does not correspond to a working environment (other user Agentvirtuel) in a given situation, so understand that it is difficult to give an opinion.

For my part  checked it's ok1.png

If you wish, you can also contact
Report a bug -

One single web page in google

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Multiple instances of Firefox running simultaneously, each consuming memory/RAM, can occur due to its multiprocess architecture, where each tab or extension runs in its own process. While this enhances stability and security, it can increase memory usage. Chrome and Edge employ similar architectures but may manage resources differently. However, excessive memory consumption doesn't necessarily indicate sloppy programming; it's a trade-off for improved performance and security.[Qatar Visa Check]

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Same thing happening to me, anyone have a permanent solution? It happens pretty much daily....