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Where is the "Sent" folder?

Making moves

Sometimes the Thunderbird interface can really be a nightmare!

I am managing three IMAP and three POP email accounts. Really, there must be a better way to organize the interface, and it may well be my fault. But I can hardly consider myself a newbie and I cannot imagine the terror a newbie would feel with some aspects of Thunderbird.

"All Folders", "Unified Folders", "Local Folders" under both "All Folders" and "Unified Folders", local "Archives" of IMAP accounts hidden somewhere, I never remember where! And now, for the last hour, I have been looking for the "Sent" folder of one of my IMAP accounts, where the email I have sent must be.

Again, I do not discount the possibility that I am doing something terribly wrong and I am sure that the solution must be somewhere out there. But when you drive a good car, you just drive it, you do not spend your time trying to locate the instruments!

So, is it just me or Thunderbird, apart from the recent aesthetic improvements that came with Supernova, needs a revamp? I am really sorry I cannot be more specific but maybe some of you can offer some concrete ideas.