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What's the status of post-Proton accessibility?

Making moves

As I mentioned in previous topics, I'm still using Firefox 90 or the ESR release 91 on all of my machines because it lets me disable the Proton UI which is harmful for accessibility. Version 90 is way out of date and 91 will soon be replaced by a new ESR release based off version 102.

There was a great discussion about accessibility, and tons of ideas submitted under the accessibility category, but I haven't heard any updates about them in months. None of the ideas have been selected for review or development, and the only one that is being explored is about tab grouping which isn't really an accessibility concern. It seems unfair for these ideas to require as many votes as other topics because by their nature, they affect a smaller portion of the community.

So my question is: What accessibility improvements can we expect in the next ESR release? Will I be forced to choose between getting security updates or actually being able to use my browser comfortably?

My fear is that I'll be forced to upgrade to a version that has all the size and contrast issues that were introduced with the Proton UI.


Tagging@asadotzler @Jon; I would have replied in the accessibility discussion but it seems to be locked.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @vincentj, thanks for following up and tagging myself & @asadotzler. I will share this with the Accessibility team to see what's on their roadmap.

Making moves

Thanks your bro