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Very unhappy with Ads on What's New with Firefox page.

Making moves

Regarding the needless promotion of Disney Pixar's Turning Red. I should not be forced by Firefox to see any advertisements upon starting my web browser. Displaying the What's New with Firefox page on startup is useful exclusively when its being used to show updates about the services provided by this browser. Ads of any kind do NOT belong on the What's New with Firefox page.


Making moves

Agreed. Never thought I'd see Firefox offering up their ENTIRE landing page to Disney for a quick buck. Isn't that kind of the opposite of what Mozilla is about?

Making moves

Yeah, it's very scummy. Always hate to see money-grubbing getting in the way of providing a good digital service/product, but I guess that's the path mozilla's decided to take.

Making moves

Agreed, there was barely any useful information, just a full-page ad which opens immediately.  What a slap in the face.

Making moves

Get woke, team up with the corporation that destroys beloved franchises in the name of wokeness, and go broke! Thanks for letting me now - now I can uninstall Firefox and load Brave, before your woke-authoritarian browser starts censoring webpage content for "wrongthink".

Disney destroys beloved franchises in the name of profit, uses a false veneer of "wokeness" to entice a larger audience, and distract from their in fact very conservative political motivations.

Making moves

If you absolutely must run full-page adverts that destroy the browsing experience for your users, you could at least team up with a company less scummy than Disney. This reflects badly on you, Mozilla.

Making moves

Agreed. The user experience is negatively affected for what is essentially a popup advertisement. I personally will likely see this movie regardless of advertisements since I heard about it from word of mouth. I am opposed to Firefox becoming advertware. I have donated to Firefox in the past and was planning to continue in the future, since I understand that is the only way to keep things totally free. If you are in need of money for maintenance or improvements, please request so via donations instead of ruining an otherwise great piece of software one corporate buy-in at a time.

Making moves

I made an account just to agree with @dentalfricative . This is not appropriate behavior and continued behavior like this would make me switch from Mozilla. I was even more disappointed when I saw the Disney banner on the Mozilla homepage (ref: attached). Mozilla leadership, please stop this.

Making moves

Having multiple ads is a real problem and might drive me to the Edge