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Version: 127(release), some things are completely broken + suspicous behaviour

Making moves

After after the update to 127 following things are happening:

Ctrl + Shif + T stopped working completely

Firefox now keeps asking for master password on startup (I am not using sync and I am starting with an empty session)

Is this some kind of a joke ?

This is an absolute lack of QA on your (Mozilla) part.
Are you allowing anyone to push PRs without even looking at it ?

Either way, 127 is the grand example on how to not release or maintain software and at this point this leaves me concerned about the security standards (if any) upheld by your organization.

This release should be reversed and reviewed accordingly.


Making moves

Teljesen megőrült a firefox! Nem frissítenek automatikusan a lapok, nem jegyzi meg a bejelentkezéseket ,mindig jelszót kér. Ez így használhatatlan!

Making moves

I have been using Firefox for a very long time and it was, until 127.0 my preferred browser.

For me, the launch of 127.0 was an unmitigated disaster. NOTHING, but NOTHING worked.  I could see tabs, links etc but NOTHING worked.  I tried reinstalling,  I tried adapting Bitdefender (never easy).  NOTHING worked.  I could not browse any site, new or bookmarked.  NOTHING.  All this ultra-irritating app wanted to do was ask me to "personalise it" and make it my own.  So a piece of Fox-poo that is totally unresponsive want more information?  I don't think so.  I uninstalled Firefox.  So far the developer version I had has not been broken by the worst update of all time.  Whoever authorised launched this tragedy has done a great job of speeding the decline of a once excellent browser. 
Please warn us where that management team goes to work next so we know to stop using their products before you ruin them too.