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FF 127.0 is Broken, please FIX it.

Making moves

I'm on 127.0 64Bit, with Windows 10 64Bit and everything up to date.

I run ESET Antivirus Premium. Furthermore, I have NO issues whatsoever with Chrome, just FF.

It's BROKEN guy's, what have you done to it? It seems as though with every update we have to fix something, you seem to break something else?

For the last but this update you bragged about how pictures would load quicker, well, they didn't really and when we went to YouTube to watch anything in 4K it just Sssssttttttuuuuuttttteeeeerrrreeeddd and skipped all the way through the clip with jumps from one part to another.

Someone else reported this, see below from his post


Making moves

‎05-03-2024 11:51 PM - edited ‎05-03-2024 11:54 PM


This is not just 4K, but also the two lower HDs as well. YouTube keeps throwing up their connectivity issues, so the player can detect the problem. When the same video is played on Edge at 4k, there are no issues. Data speed below."


I know other people are also experiencing these issues as well as us, they probably can't be bothered to come in here and report it because they see that you just seem to ignore us, or tell us that somehow it's something to do with us on our end and that's despite running the exact same videos in Chrome, which does not throw up the issues we are having with FF.

Can someone look into this please and fix these things before you have a huge exodus of people dumping FF because it draws so many resources from our systems and gives shockingly bad performance.

Look at the attached screenshot, it's with ONE FF web page open on Google, nothing else running and yet every single tab is drawing RAM usage.

This isn't the first time I have reported this, so how about someone tries to claw back some credibility for FF and fix this for us all so we can use this once great alternative once again.

Thank you.



Hello ?

Configuration Editor for Firefox ?
Search network.http.http3.enable

Other, try, embed yourvideo

Making moves

Google represents around 90% of Mozilla's funding, I cannot prove it but testing with different versions of FF and switching to another browser, all this leads me to believe that FF/Mozilla has sold out to Google/YouTube.  It sounds like you or Roger2 are using an adblock extension, I was having similar problems, problems that started around FF version 123 for me, I am in no way associated with them and today was the 1st time I used it but try LibreWolf, they are a custom version of FF so the transition should be easy.  I tried it today, AND with the same adblock extension YouTube ran almost flawlessly.  With FF version 125, 126 and 127 YouTube video pages take minutes to load, videos take minutes to start buffering, when they do play, they stop randomly, I highly suggest switching. 


I forgot to add, I tried using the top 5 version of adblock, all had the same results, I didn't test without adblock, the internet is unusable without some type of adblock, however the results are the same, FF is, and has been, unusable since version 124, BUT, I believe they are helping Google/ABC/YouTube and that is what is causing issues and FF/Mozilla's so called independence is a smoke screen for Google to avoid a antitrust lawsuit.  If I had known Google was responsible for 80-90% of Mozilla's funding since 2005 I would have dumped them years ago.  Use a search engine and look up 'Google funding Mozilla'



If you want embed your video
Example my personal website and In Welcome Home you'll find a playlist

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