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Version 109.0 New Extensions Icon!

Making moves

Again...... STOP changing my GUI or give me a way to undo the increasingly bloated thing! Starting in version 109.0 you've now stuck some puzzle piece icon thing in my tool bar. Just STOP IT! I don't want it, I won't use it, and you've given me NO way to get rid of it!!! I can't drag it away by clicking "customize" and it's pissing me off! I don't care that you make changes or add features, I only care that I can't undo said changes or otherwise make my browser look and work my way! If you're going to keep messing it up then you've got to give me a way to undo the mess.

Very unhappy camper!


There is such an area: `about:config`, the preference is called `extensions.unifiedExtensions.enabled`.

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Making moves

extensions.unifiedExtensions.enabled set to False is NO LONGER a solution after v111.0 update!  Why!?  I guess I have to first update Firefox in a test environment since devs are so intent on sabotaging their users.

Really???? I will not update!

Making moves

F this. It's like Mozilla is deliberately trying to push out it users

Making moves

Hey folks at Mozilla. There is concept called "competitive advantage" - you are smart educated people, you should know it. If by somehow you missed it let me explain: when some feature something has, service, product, let´s say browser - that it can be customized by user. Not one size fits all. Customizable. "I can set up my browser and hide things in UI I do not want" is such thing. You could actually gain users if you kept to this concept which has been long tradition at Mozilla/Firefox - making the browser customizable by user. It is not rocket science, it is focus on what customers want and need. And in this case of customizing, in this forum your users are very loud and clear about it. Sometimes not unfortunately very polite, but that is because they are frustrated and therefore when someone is frustrated is less likely to communicate in a nice polite way. Please read, listen and keep to the way of Firefox - customizing browser by user. Thanks! How would you like if someone came to your appartement/house/offices and rearange it for you without your permision? That is what Firefox is, in a way, it is gateway to the internet - browser. Home of the internet so to speak.

Making moves

Thanks for making me put Firefox in the same dreaded category as Edge and Chrome.

Making moves

It's not, fairly far from in-fact, but I still really want to give this a thumbs up!

Making moves

I assume those who design FF don't use their own product, otherwise they would know what's the point of having addons that block, or save you discounts if you can't see them give you an alert?  

Making moves

Forced UI changes are a sign of bad design.