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V126.1 is a partial disaster.

Making moves

Since updating to V126.0 and then 126.1, I am unable to run multiple tabs simultaneously. For years prior,  Firefox would launch with 18 tabs simultaneously without any issue. In any open tab, I could click on a link and it would open in a new tab and I was able to function. Now, after these updates, Firefox launches with all 18 tabs, but if I open any additional tab(s), the busy wheel goes round and round and nothing happens 😞

If I run FF in Safety Mode, no difference. After 22 years, I'm about ready to switch to MS Edge.

Worst of all, I had to post this using Edge as FF wouldn't open a new tab for me to use.

What a disappointing outcome.


Making moves

Since last update I constantly have problems with tabs being busy, slow or outright crashing. I used to have the same 8-9 tabs open during the last 3-4 weeks and suddenly my tabs frequently crash