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Menu bar won't stay up in Firefox 123.0 on MacOS 12.7.3

Making moves

The menu bar has ALWAYS remained visible while browsing; it's been a constant!  Now, however, the only way to see it is to have Blank Page selected as the home screen, and this only lasts as long as I don't navigate to any site.  The moment the browser displays a web page, the menu bar is overlaid.  And yes, I made sure that View > Toolbars > Bookmarks Toolbar > Always Show is selected.  Has anyone else observed this behavior?


Making moves

This issue is driving me crazy.  Every single tab I have to click on Always Show.  What happened to that toolbar in the update?


Making moves

It is driving me crazy as well. It is behaving the same way on both of my Macs running Firefox version 123. Always Show is already checked, but the toolbar disappears and I have to click Always Show with each new tab. It is a terrible time waster.


Hi coniwalk, ValB, et al. It drove me nuts as well. I fixed it, I believe (note, I use private browsing). Credit to Reddit's "Subject_Newspaper_37's" solution: If this link disappears, "Subject_Newspaper_37" stated: "Same experience here, using Firefox 122 and then still after updating to 123. After some digging in the about:config page I found browser.toolbars.bookmarks.showInPrivateBrowsing - turning it to true got me the bookmarks toolbar back. Looks like it was introduced a few versions back, defaulting to false, not sure why it didn't bite me until now, but I never saw the new purple private browser window interface until today either." Another option in the Reddit thread -- which I did NOT do because it would have wiped out my extensions -- was to close Firefox and then do a refresh by holding down the shift key when starting Firefox.