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Usage survey everybody was just subjected to

Making moves

The usage survey I just filled out didn't ask a very basic question about which browser you use on which device. It only asked about the percentage of the time you use browsers in general. On my phone Chrome is good and the couple of times I downloaded Firefox it, its been quite a while since I did, I don't remember it being exceptional, seem to recall it using up power faster than Chrome.

Anyway back to about the survey. I use my laptop for business related writing and research, as well as social media articles and now that I'm concerned with those I just was reading the The Ultimate Guide to Using LinkedIn Hashtags I came across the Google Hashtag analytics, and just finished downloading Chrome to my computer as I was writing this, actually as I was taking the survey, and will now being using that those to help me analyze hashtags to include in articles since all the extensions here only had max 500 user I think it was for hashtag analytics search. So laptop for serious work and gaming while phone is mostly for reading and keeping finger on the pulse of my web servers.