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Latest Thunderbird Release Feedback

Making moves

The latest version has issues, running Ubuntu 20.02, as I have experienced today, having downloaded the latest release. To wit: it does lag seriously, it hangs for a time without need, it also is just funky. 

The colours are cute, but provide no improvement in performance.

I have been using Thunderbird, since 2009.




Making moves

Huh! that's Nothing.

Just got my Unbuntu Thunderbird updated to 102.2.2 (64 bit) and its totally stuffed, actually so is my latest Firefox on Ubuntu 22.??.

Turns out this latest Thunderbird has lost my filters so a whole load of new emails got dumped in one place, the wrong place. When I tried to look at this long list of emails in the wrong place simply double clicking on an entry did nothing. After a while it started working, sort-of, but the whole thing seems to have lost the configuration file the gives me the view I had last time. Same thing, lost everything, was what happened to my new Firefox.

So, Firefox is stuffed, can't access Facebook or a thing called and I guess other sites I don't use. Actually someone suggested it was stuffed by some new under clever way Unbuntu have for installing and managing applications. Now Thunderbird is stuffed. For the record I think my copy of Chrome is also a bit stuffed.

It was all working great and has been for years. Now its all broken. What it going on?

Is anyone actually listening?

Making moves

I totally agree. It hangs in between for felt minutes, e.g. when I want to change to "sent". Also I cannot mark mails with a star by clicking, I have to go to the menu or take alt-nmk. It's really annoying, please go back to the latest version.

Greetings Beat