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Upgrade and import problem

Making moves

I just installed the Supernova beta version (having been prompted to do so, without it being very clear that this was beta software, which I question somewhat). It wasn't clear to me before I did so that this would be a complete new install that would remove all my existing messages and folders, but I was relieved to find that I could import from my previous version's profile, which I did. The trouble is, after the import my Inbox contained only the security alerts I received during the install, and the Sent folder was empty. The previous contents of my Inbox were messages waiting to be dealt with ... having these disappear was not a good situation. I was able to figure out how to change the new version's mail folder to my old profile, which fixed the problem, but I don't think it should work this way. Ideally the new install should automatically retain all messages and folders. If not, the import should bring in the contents of ALL folders, especially Inbox.



Thunderbird Team
Thunderbird Team

Hello Grant.  Just to be clear, you started with ?   This is an important question, because it states "You can still run Thunderbird 102 after installing Beta on Windows with no special settings, unless you are using POP mail accounts."

Regarding "after the import my Inbox contained only the security alerts I received during the install"... are you using a pop account?  Or, if you use imap accounts, you should be seeing all message and if you are not, then check what you see after restarting Thunderbird beta.

Please reply so we understand what needs to be addressed. Thanks.


Wayne, Community Manager, Thunderbird

Hi Wayne,

As to your first question, I have no idea what I started with - my Thunderbird client showed I had an update to install so I installed it - no mention that it was beta software or I wouldn't have installed it.

Yes I am using POP. I have restarted more than once without anything changing, but I also did resolve the problem - I changed the profile from the one set up by the new beta to the one I'd been using before. I just thought the issue should be flagged because I doubt that everyone using the software would know to try that and they shouldn't really need to do so.