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Unable to Save Attached File from a (Verizon/AOL/Yahoo) Email do-to Some Unknown Add-on Update:

Making moves

1) I had to Switch Firefox to Troubleshooter Mode: In-Order to Save & Print my Emailed MS-Word File. Then Restart Firefox to Normal Mode.....
2) I also have another Current(latest) Problem: When One of the Add-ons Switches Too (a-newly)Updated (Add-ons)Tab, Stating this was a "Safe Downloaded" (maybe McAfee/Other): Then after Closing that New-Tab: Firefox "Does-Not" Go-Back to my Original Tab: [Instead it Goes to the Tab (just before) the Newly Opened (end-of-the-line) Tab]: Then I need to Go-Find the Original Tab I was Working-On....
Thank You for Any-Help You Can Provide!!!!