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Thunderbird v115 made Search really hard to use...

Making moves

When I use the Global Search, it does find the emails I'm looking for, that match the terms.

But, once I click on one of the results, all it does is open a new tab with ALL the emails of that thread.... (and not even in the threaded mode).

Now I have to go through each of them, until I find again what I want, but it's not easy.


I know you can "Filter these messages". But guess what... that never works there. (even if I enable "Body")



And the normal "Filter these messages" (in the normal folders like Inbox and others), somehow are really hard to understand, now.

I type something there, and RANDOM messages seem to be appearing for several seconds, until the result ones FINALLY appear. If you select "Body", it can take a LOOOONNGGG time until the result messages appear.

The delay was already there pre-v115, but now it's more confusing because random messages are appearing in the results while the search/filtering is happening...



And by the way... with the Global Search, does anyone know if I can do "exact matches" ??

It's annoying when I search for "busy" (with quotes), and it finds me "business" and "busiest"...


Making moves

Same issue here, I can't believe it passed quality control :/. Such a huge regression. Makes global search unusable (not seeing the exact email and not showing the threaded view).

Making moves

I am having this same issue and it is driving me crazy. Suddenly I have like 20 email windows open if I click one in the search. Have you found a way through this yet??

Still on the same boat, unfortunately 😞

Making moves

Wanted to delete my message because it was based on a wrong assumption. This does not seem to work?

Making moves

I am having this same issue and it is terrible. Have you found any way to change this yet??