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Thunderbird Supernova - Inbox view always in the middle, not where I left of, why?

Making moves

Hello support,

Why in the new Thunderbird Supernova the Inbox view always in the middle, not where I left of?

I have many many emails, it is quite annoying to always scroll down to the newest email.

Thank you for fix.


Making moves

Same for me. Not only for Inbox, in other folders too.

Making moves

Same here. Now with Thunderbird 115.3.1 and windows 10 after Thunderbird autoupdate (stupid idea...). I had the same issue with T. supernova right after the first official build came out, I uninstalled back then. This bug is not fixed ever since.

Making moves

Just installed the new Thunderbird Supernova, and the inbox area will not allow me to reduce the number of emails shown to less than 10 emails.  I like to have a larger area to display the email so reduce the inbox area to only 4 emails, but this version stops me at 10 emails in the inbox window.

Making moves

Not attended to for apparently five months. Happened to me immediately after contributing! Looking another programme/application (app)