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IMAP namespace fails in TB 115

Making moves

I've just upgraded to TB 115 (Kubuntu Linux), and it is not processing the IMAP personal namespace setting correctly. Prior versions of TB were fine.

I use a couple of IMAP servers that physically store user folders below INBOX, and they automatically (and correctly) set the namespace to "INBOX.". The client should use this to show the folders at the top level, where they are logically. This always worked before.

But now in 115, the folders are actually nested below INBOX, which isn't very helpful. In particular it means that in Unified folder view, all the user folders appear in the Inbox section rather than further down in the relevant account section.

I've done a fresh install of 115. It didn't like updating the old installation, obviously got confused with all the old configuration settings so I decided on a clean start.

Anyone else encountered this? Otherwise what's the best way to submit it as a bug report?