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Thunderbird search finds old email but doesn't open it problem

Making moves

A number of people have commented that when they search for an email, then try to open it, the message cannot be found and shows blank. Such posts have always resulted in replies like "Repair the Global Database" and Right click on folder and select 'Properties', click on 'Repair folder' button, click on 'OK'. Some users have reported that this does not work, and that is the case for me.

Today I suddenly realized why this feature is not working. It seems to happen when you have a large number of emails in the index. It also happens while the search is still in progress. I have found that simply be clicking on "stop" at the top right of the search panel, the email can then be opened. I am not sure if this is a bug or just something to do with the inability of the program to properly synch with the index while it is searching. All I know is that I can get the emails to open if I stop the search first.