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thunderbird 115.2.2 fails to follow hyperlinks

Making moves

I recently upgraded my OS and installed thunderbird 115.2.2 through the package manager.

When I click on a hyperlink a browser window opens but the link is not followed. I can right click on the link and "copy link location" and then paste it into my browser (Waterfox) and it works. However just clicking on the link does not work other than to open a new browser window.

I have tried safe mode and that does not fix the problem.

I uninstalled the program and reinstalled it and created my mail accounts all over again, to no avail.

In the "Files & Attachments" section of the General settings there is no entry for http: or https: content and there is no way (I am aware of) to manually add the entry.

I can find nothing on the web that addresses this issue.

I have run out of ideas.  Any suggestions or guidance would be greatly appreciated.