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Interface Changes for upcoming Thunderbird rewrite

Making moves

I would like to collect essential interface changes here, needed to make Thunderbird work like other Clients do.


Mine are:

3 row view: compact folders, compact info fields (multiple rows), message window

the info field with "from" "header" e.g. should use multiple rows. No one profits from this huge amount of mails on top of each other in my opinion, or at least there has to be such an "Outlook style" view.

The message field should follow the Thunderbird theme, dark mode e.g.

Messages should be displayed in threads always, like "Thunderbird Conversations", but following the rounded UI and allowing to answer with all message compose features including PGP (maybe just not in line at all)

Integrating a search function like the filter search, not in a new tab

Removing Tab usage when using the new buttons, it makes no sense

Moving buttons and filter buttons into one row/field.

Other features

  • a tour for features like PGP, Addons, Filterlists, RSS feeds etc. that people dont use
  • easy understandable collection of all writing you as contacts
  • syncing contacts with Android .csv files. Locally, per Syncthing for example. Just import the mails, dont overwrite the file, but add Entries with all available fields for manually added contacts to that file too. There is supposed to come some form of Sync with K9Mail / Thunderbird Mobile, but locally would be better imo
  • automatic importing of PGP keys people send you. I have no idea why this is not the case at the moment, makes PGP usage a pain. At least you can import many PGP keys at once, but this needs to be way more intuitive, as Thunderbird is pretty much the only Client supporting PGP at all
  • Integration of some addons functions in some form: DKIM verifier, Auto Adress Cleaner, Attachment saver, TB Conversations of course, manually sort folders, archive mails after time