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Thunderbird Supernova 115 "Cards view" is counterproductive.

Making moves

I tested this new option to evaluate the effects of it in my usage.

The number of displayed emails in my list jumped to 17 instead of 37 in the Table view (NB: I use the vertical view).
Of course I reverted the option to Table view.
More over, the number of fields that you can display in the Table view is much greater than in the Cards view.
The announcement "This new way of displaying your message list is ... more compact" claimed in a promotion page* is simply the contrary of what I observe.

It is also proclaimed, about the Cards view, "perfect for people used to modern webmail" **.
But must an interface design follow fashions even when the are very bad ?

Fortunately the user can choose the way of displaying.

This disagreeing about this new option must not dissimulate my gratitude towards the developers who are making a great job in producing Thunderbird that I globally value as excellent.
I also appreciate innovations as improvements in keyboard navigation, customizing the message header (although of little use for me)...



Thunderbird Team
Thunderbird Team

Thank you for the feedback.

Wayne, Community Manager, Thunderbird