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Thunderbird 102 and Mail Merge

Making moves


I was using Thunderbird 91.10 and Mail merge. I upgraded to Thunderbird 102 and I no longer have access to Mail Merge, even by upgrading this addon. Is there any incompatibility with this addon?
I really need this addon.

Thanks for your help,



Making moves

hi i'm too having this problem.
Earlier before this new update: i was happy using mail merge for my circular email, but since update to Thunderbird version 102 the mail merge not functioning anymore.

Mail Merge is really helpfull if you want to send same email to many recipient with personal touch  (mention their name personally)

Anyone can help?

Making moves

Hello Wira

In the meantime, I found the solution. Mail Merge works well under TB 102. You go to module manager then you choose the Mail Merge module and in this module you select Version Notes. You read these notes carefully and you will discover that there is a Toolbar button Mail Merge to insert in the toolbar of a new mail. And voila, Mail merge is accessible again.

Hi loustalou1, thank you for your feedback, i have tried to do your suggestion and in deed the mail merge button has appear, but unfortunately now the problem is i can not use the mail merge as it said "mail merge could not be installed because it is not compatible with Thunderbird 102.0", i use mail merge 8.4.0-tb.
And also attach herewith the screen capture for the reference.
Do you have more solution for this problem?

thank you in advance for you help

Hi Wira,

You need to upgrade to Mail Merge 9.0.5

Hi loustalou1, thank you for your suggestion and i have tried and it works.
But small comment from me: seem Mail Merge 9.0.5 is little bit backward compared to earlier version. On Mail Merge 9.0.5 we must load the excel file each time we want to do mail merge, while on earlier version we can save the setting and just click send to do whole mail merge version.

But again thank you for you help, i finally can put "personal touch (put the individual name on each mail)" on my circural email to many recipient.

Hi Wira,
Apart from the fact that with the new TB 102 address book, you can no longer directly edit a new email intended for a list, everything works as before. Currently, in the new TB 102 address book, you have to select all the members of a list, then right click on the mouse and choose write. It's a little longer than before.

Making moves

I was using the Mail merge extension. Mail merge now seems to be built in to Thunderbird 102.4, and I have used that successfully, but I can't see it in the release notes, nor any documentation about it. Annoyingly, now every time I try to send a message to more than one recipient, the new mail merge jumps in suggesting I use it, and 95% of the time I don't want it. Is there a threshold I can set to stop mail merge jumping in all the time, e.g. only ask if I have > 20 addressees?