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Thunderbird 102 upgrade observations

Making moves

My configuration - Linux laptop, Windows 10 desktop, 5 imap email accounts, one very complex local folders environment / archive, 47 message filters.  These comments only apply to the Windows 10 upgrade.  I did do a full zip of my TB 92 profile before starting - it's necessary, I needed it.

 1- I used the "OTA" update when notified by my TB client that there was an upgrade. The upgrade completed without error (but was not error free).

2 - Two of my imap accounts were locally corrupted.  By this I mean the inbox and related folders for that specific account had message pointers confused.  Opening one message resulted in viewing the content of a different message.  The actual accounts were fine.  I used webmail and could see the messages were ok on the mail server.  The solution 1 - check the back up for the msgFilterRules.dat file, 2 - delete the mail account, shut down, restart add the mail account back.  All is now fine after copying the filter file back.

3 - Google address book integration did not survive the update.  I was using TBsync and (guessing) since it is not (yet) compatible, those settings got dropped.  Added using cardav and it's working.  The new address book is very nice.  Great job on that!

4 - Google calendar integration did not survive the upgrade and had to be redone from scratch.  Also possibly a TBsync problem.  The calendars were "there" and disabled - enabling them did nothing.  Delete, and redo.  Working fine.

5 - Archive settings for local folders seem to be gone.  I'll need to think on this.  With the volume of mail I get I have (or had) a retention process that was built around TB archive.  I can archive from my IMAP account directly to local folder/archives, but that's not how the process works.

Generally - Well done!  No unrecoverable errors (for me) at least, and it was reasonably easy to fix those items that needed attention.  It also proved out some of the functionality of adding accounts, calendars,  and address books.  For such a heavy lift of all the features and functions it has been pretty painless.



Familiar face

Is version 102.0.3 behaving better for you?

Wayne, Thunderbird Community Manager

Well, sorry, but for my part NO !

         I really do have a serious problem:

         The problem is, that that curretnt .ics export is somehow errorprone.

         Even TB itself cannot import it's own export

         - neither can Gcal ...


PS. I run TB on Debian v. 102.1.2 (64 bit)

Same problem on 102.2.2

Making moves

Hi - thanks for asking.

I'm now on version 102.1.0 and basically no news is good news. I had a bit of an issue with an old plug-in (gdata-provider) that was impacting my calendar invites. There were seveal problems but the main one was that invitations to other people were not being replicated up to Google and hence not sent out.  Removing it seems to have solved the problem.  I was using my own accounts to trace this so no panic.  About the only thing I would "like to change" is the frequency of calendar sync.  It's just to slow for me.  Email I can wait on a little, but often I'm on the phone (or web meeting) doing scheduling and people are sitting waiting for the invite or update.  I just work on the Google Calendar webpage and let TB replicate as it see fit.  The other thing is Zoom (meetings) has a Firefox extension that works with Google Calendar.  That saves me a few steps.

Again - thanks for asking.



Making moves

Calendar integration seems to not be allowed unless its related to a configured email account. I had 2 gmail calendars syncing prior to the upgrade, neither of which were configured for email in Thunderbird. Attempted to delete ported calendars and re-create, but Calendar setup insists on a configured email account.

@EnderEd wrote:

Calendar integration seems to not be allowed unless its related to a configured email account. I had 2 gmail calendars syncing prior to the upgrade, neither of which were configured for email in Thunderbird. Attempted to delete ported calendars and re-create, but Calendar setup insists on a configured email account.

@EnderEd, if you are still having a problem after using 102.3.0, please file a bug report

Wayne, Thunderbird Community Manager

Making moves

Hi - I have not experienced this. I used the TB add calendar dialog (also add address book dialog) and was able to integrate both Gmail calendar and contacts into TB and set them as the primary. All done without any error in those processes.  No access to my actual google email is/was required.

Making moves


updated TB (in a Debian testing pc) ... Calendars doesn't work! Neither if configured automatically after configuring gmail account (imap).

Does anybody knows if it's possible to disable completely calendar and activity as was possible in old versions?

Making moves

I do have a problem with the TB 102.2.1 update of the addressbook. I seem to have lost important address book data.

My TB automatically updated to version 102.2.1.
It involved an address-book revamp.
The new address book is missing fields in its data model, that were in use by the old address book, that held important data to me.
Now the data is missing. How can I retrieve the missing data?
I would like to revert the update and be able to backup my old address-books, before I'm ready to migrate to the new format.
How can I recover the now missing data fields?

(also look here for more information)

Familiar face

Gentle users,

Apparently Google search and other mechanism have led you here, but Connect is for ideas and discussion.  The better place to post problem reports and support issues is

Also, in the future when you post in Connect, please create a new topic rather than tag on someone else's topic.

Wayne, Thunderbird Community Manager

Making moves

  Hi, I was on something like verision 95 having installed Tbird earlier last yr. Recently I 've been prompted to update by downloading the latest version. Strangely in HELP it was advising I was on the latest version i.e. 95 ish but clearly not as I've now installed 102.3.0.

  Today I'm getting the update prompt via download again, HELP still shows no later updates available which I've seen there isn't.

  Why can't just update like other software and why in any case is it advising there is later version when there isn't?

  All very odd


Making moves

Thunder bird Update 102.4.1 (32-bit) Address sharing

The new Address Book is great and I appreciate particularly the new Prefix and Suffix fields that are also used by my phone and pad. I use these fields instead of groups to allocate addresses to families and to identify information like kind of supplies.
It would be nice if it would be possible to share single addresses as .vcf files. I only found this option for whole address books